Why Us

What makes Cosy Living stand out from the crowd is our experienced team, top of the line quality and 5-star service. We make your renovation a walk in the park! Of course, underneath the seemingly calm waters, we are paddling furiously to ensure perfect execution of your concept. In effect, we are taking a blank space and transforming it into a meaningful, beautiful space. Every project requires the combined expertise and effort of our entire team to create miracles for your home.

Professional Expertise

No matter how organised or experienced you are, tackling a major renewal of your personal space could be potentially stressful. That is where our team of experienced professionals come in. We are constantly suggesting brilliant ideas and on the lookout for a better way. Yet we always remain open to your ideas of a dream home and aim to make that a reality.

Whether you are thinking of renovating your home from the bottom up or remodelling just parts of it, we help to assess your home’s potential. We strive to maximise your space while taking into account existing limitations like natural lighting, structural columns, piping restrictions, HDB rules and regulations. Accurate assessment and proper planning from the onset really go a long way in ensuring that everything goes like clockwork.
Our mantra is, “We make renovation easy for you by taking care of every little detail.”

Excellent Quality

With Cosy Living on board, you will feel confident about the final outcome. In the capable hands of Derrick and his experienced team of project managers and supervisors, you can rest assured that quality is top notch. Compared to defects that may be present in other renovation works such as uneven flooring or malfunctions in electrical wiring, Cosy Living upholds excellent standards in execution. You never have to worry about budgets escalating out of control with hidden costs due to shoddy workmanship that must be corrected.
We are highly selective about the choice of materials used. This way, our valued clients get the best quality materials anyone could offer!