Design Philosophy

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs

Design must be rooted in functionality, yet brimming with creativity and energy as a statement of the owner’s uniqueness. Our designers factor in balance, light and space into every design to create a cosy and timeless effect.

Look and feel of our designs is mostly very sleek and modern, yet warm and cosy, taking on a less is more approach.

Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to colour, texture and the highest quality materials, are essentials. Conversational pieces may be understated yet sophisticated, or elegant and functional. The clever interplays of colour and texture enliven neutral spaces and create an ambience pulsating with life.

Introducing whimsical touches like unusual lighting fixtures or bright accent colours creates an aesthetic that is bold and inviting. We may also put a youthful spin on more traditional designs by embedding vibrant hints of colour in otherwise calm interiors.

We want to create a cosy atmosphere that invites mingling, and fresh spaces that uplift your mood with their airy and open feel.

Design Services

Design is central to our services as a full concept interior design and renovation company. Our lead consultants manage a team of interior designers adept at creating photogenic spaces. We first start off with a free consultation to get the wheels turning and size up the renovation potential of your home. With a flawless eye for colour and furnishings, our designers then apply their creative talent to an inspired interior design.

Having an impressive portfolio of interior projects under their belt, our designers will skillfully apply their talent and experience to create realistic 3D perspectives. These perspectives are an effective tool for visualising how various textures, colours and composition will synchronise in your home. During this stage, our consultants will ensure that space planning, lighting and overall styling are well considered in your design proposal.

Throughout the entire process from ideation to execution, our team will ensure that you are comfortable with all decisions made. We seek to understand our customers on a genuine level so that we can truly serve them. Happy customers are also our best reward and advertisements!