Our Founder, Derrick Teh

Founder and lead consultant Derrick Teh first burst into the renovation scene more than 15 years ago. In 1999, following a five-year stint in the Singapore Police Force, his love for new challenges quickly led him to the family renovation business. At Reachwin Interior Renovation Enterprise, he started honing the skills of the trade from the ground up and emerged a specialist in his own right. Over the years, Derrick gradually expanded the family business from a small team of 5 to a 50-strong company.

Noticing an increasing trend in customers engaging interior designers prior to appointing their renovation company, the enterprising young man began his foray into design. Derrick intentionally signed up for interior design courses and discovered his inherent flair for design while developing valuable skills. With this new dimension, he was able to offer customers seamless service from design to renovation. The company subsequently experienced remarkable growth with this development.

Now having armed himself with extensive knowledge and expertise in both design and renovation, Derrick was ready to blaze a new trail. He started his own company, Cosy Living Pte Ltd in 2012 to realise his vision of running a full-fledged interior design and renovation company.

Our Vision

The vision of Cosy Living is to create cosy, chic and comfortable homes for your pure enjoyment of life. We want to transform your home into personal spaces that are modern, livable and functional for the whole family, radiating a relaxed yet vibrant energy. We constantly work towards inspired interiors while adhering to our clients’ visions.

Our Background

Specialising in residential and commercial spaces for more than 15 years, Cosy Living has a wealth of renovation experience. Our diverse client base includes private homes and apartments, retail and industrial projects. We manage entire renovation projects from start to finish, and work closely with craftsmen, furniture and lighting specialists. Our service-oriented team of consultants have extensive experience in the interior design and renovation industry. We are also fully-equipped with our own cabinetry workshop in Singapore to ensure the highest quality and timely delivery of your custom orders.